The Ralan Group

A trusted name in the industry. The Ralan Group specialises in the development, marketing and management of residential and commercial property in Sydney & the Gold Coast.

We aim to break the barriers associated with property ownership and in doing so, make it accessible to everyone, including average income earners.


This management strategy ensures that each client receives superior service with their requirements always met by senior management.

Our Approach

We’re so confident and sure of the property we currently have available, that we invite all of our potential clients the opportunity to take an hour or two and have our senior consultants act as a tour guide to show just what Ralan’s completed projects look like.


Our business was established on the belief that all clients, even after settlement, continue to receive the same superior service that they received throughout the purchase of their property. Our property managers coordinate and locate tenants with an intelligent and well thought out campaign that is individual to the particular project, suburb and price.

What we Offer

The main reason for Ralan Property Care is to enable Ralan to provide a five star service to its purchasers whether they be owner occupiers or investors.

Contact us for more

If you are considering to purchase an off the plan apartment then call us today on 02 9412 2155.