The Ralan Group specializes in the development, marketing and management of residential and commercial property.

We aim to break the barriers associated with property ownership and in doing so make it accessible to everyone including average income earners.

Our success in achieving our client’s objectives and needs is demonstrated by the number of clients that continue to invest in Ralan property and realize their own goals of financial security and increased wealth for the future.


William O’Dwyer has been involved in the marketing and development of property since 1993. William incorporated his own company, The Ralan Group in 1998. William continues to maintain a hands on approach to each and every Ralan project.

William is of course supported by various senior management staff that in turn are supported by an extensive team. This management strategy ensures that each client receives superior service with their requirements always met by senior management.

The Ralan Group Approach

We are so confident and sure of the property we currently have available we invite all our potential clients the opportunity to take an hour or two and have our senior consultants act as a tour guide to show just what Ralan’s completed projects look like.

Ralan Property Services

Ralan Property Services was created to ensure that on settlement of a client’s property they continued to receive the same superior service that they have received throughout the purchase of their property. The team at Ralan Property Services coordinates and locates tenants with an intelligent and well thought out campaign that is individual to the particular project, suburb and price.

Ralan Property Care

In the last few years William has also taken over the ongoing Body Corporate building maintenance contracts for completed Ralan projects. This company is Ralan Property Care Pty Ltd. The main reason for Ralan Property Care is to enable Ralan to provide a five star service to its purchasers whether they be owner occupiers or investors.