Off the Plan Apartments

if you’re seeking off the plan apartments to buy or lease, allow the experts at Ralan to assist in finding the most appropriate location for you.

Purchasing Apartments off the Plan

We have assisted many customers in sourcing off the plan apartments in NSW, and the Gold Coast. Whether for the purpose of living or leasing, securing an apartment before it is built can offer a number of unique advantages.

Benefits of going off the plan

Even if this is your first time buying a property, or you’re a seasoned investor, knowing when and where to purchase an apartment that is off the plan in NSW on the Gold Coast requires an in depth understanding of the industry. This is where our overall expertise and senior property specialists can assist by evaluating potential locations.

Lock in the price of today – one of the main benefits of taking this approach is the ability to lock in the price at the time. This means that no matter how much the cost of the apartment might increase until it’s built, you pay no extra, yet reap the benefits of capital growth. This is especially beneficial for investors looking to use that capital to buy again and continue to expand their portfolio.

Time is money – securing an apartment that is off the plan, whether on the Gold Coast, or in NSW, only requires a deposit. This means you are free to use that time to save more and shop around for a better mortgage that suits you.

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